September 25, 2017

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What to Put in a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

You’ve probably seen shows on TV like Storage Wars. This is a program where storage units are being auctioned off because the renters haven’t paid their bill. Bidders arrive to haggle over the price until someone comes out on top. Usually, they end up losing money on the buy, but sometimes, they can strike gold.

People rent storage units for several reasons. Sometimes, they just don’t have space in their homes and need an extra place to store things they don’t use all the time. Businesses often rent storage units to keep extra office furniture or equipment. And still others who make things to sell at craft fairs and festivals might rent a unit to keep their inventory secure.

There are storage units to suit all needs. Some are climate-controlled, meaning they offer heat and air conditioning if necessary. This is useful for long-term storage of expensive things that need controlled temperature and humidity like art, leather goods, wooden items, special collections like coins, stamps, and books, musical instruments, or photos.

    • Works of Art—these should always be stored in climate-controlled units because heat and humidity can both damage the work. Paintings are especially sensitive to humidity. The unit should be kept at around 70-75 degrees with a humidity about 50%.
    • Leather Goods—whether it’s furniture, belts, jackets, or horse riding equipment, leather items are sensitive to huge shifts of temperature. They can also grow mildew when humidity levels are high.
    • Wood Items—furniture made of wood is sensitive to swings in humidity. Going from damp to dry and back again can cause wood to crack. The lower the humidity, the safer your wooden items will be.
    • Collector’s Items—coins, stamps, comics, and books are all special items that should be stored where the temperature and humidity are low. Coins can tarnish when humidity is too high, and paper will absorb moisture from the air.
    • Musical Instruments—temperature control is a must for musical instruments like pianos, wood instruments, or those made of brass. Wood will crack or rot in dry or wet conditions and brass instruments can harbor bacteria and poor storage conditions can rot some materials like cork or felt.
    • Photos—printed photos are often irreplaceable unless you’ve scanned them into a computer. Too much heat can cause photos to stick together, ruining them.

Clothing is another thing that could be stored in a climate-controlled unit. If you’re going to store clothing, like swapping out your summer and winter clothes, you should always wash the clothing before you take it to storage. Humidity control can help to keep your clothes from developing mold and mildew while in storage.

Electronics and household appliances can be stored in normal units, but they’ll be more preserved if you store them in climate-controlled storage lockers. Newer plasma screen TVs are especially prone to temperature shifts. And internal components of any electronics can rust and corrode when exposed to extreme levels of humidity.

Choosing to rent a climate-controlled storage locker can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! If you’re in Virginia and looking for storage units Blackberg, you’re in luck! There are many storage units available to suit your needs, including climate-controlled units and units of diverse sizes. These facilities are designed to keep your precious items safe and secure from temperature and humidity and thieves while allowing you access 24/7!