September 25, 2017

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Three Tips for a Healthy Lawn

One of the best activities you can do to transform your outdoor space is to maintain a regular lawn care. The green grass present in your home can have more benefits to you and your family if you maintain it well. On the flipside, poor lawn maintenance can reduce the value of your home by a big margin, if you were to sell the property.

Many homeowners do not pay much attention to the services of lawn care providers. Instead, they would love to do it themselves, which comes with great benefits. Taking good care of your lawn can result in a beautiful, healthy environment around your home, making it free from pests, and helping the grass grow vigorously. Apart from the aesthetic value of a well-maintained lawn, you will do much good to the environment around you.

Companies offering lawn care services should be able to assist homeowners with ideas on how to go about lawn care in the absence of experts. Besides the advice from experts, you should also seek information about DIY lawn care. For example, I use online reviews as one of my sources of lawn care information. Top benefits of proper lawn care include:

  • A healthy lawn results in enough oxygen production
  • A well-maintained lawn filters air and dust
  • A healthy lawn helps you cut down on cooling costs during warmer months
  • A healthy lawn absorbs pollutants such as carbon dioxide and converts it into oxygen

Here are three tips for a healthy lawn


While it seems simple, mowing can make a big difference between success and failure of your lawn. Do it the correct way and you can get a healthy lawn that resists weeds and drought. Do it the wrong way and you get a poor lawn that struggles to survive. Time the mowing periods so you don’t remove more leaf surface than required.


Lawn care experts warn against scalping the lawn. Scalping means that you cut the grass too short, which makes it a soft target for weed and disease infestation. Rely on expert advice for the correct height during mowing.

The machine

To make work easier and for the benefit of the lawn, ensure that the blade of the mower is sharp at all times. With a sharp blade, you can get a clean mowing, even edges, and no jagged grass blades. A dull blade makes the grass develop certain spots, which could be entry points for diseases. Experts recommend that you sharpen the blade of the mower at least two or three times during the mowing period. Besides, remove thick branches, twigs, and stones before you start mowing. It is also advisable to have an extra blade.