Running The Wood Cutting Business – Purchase The Table Saw

Cutting the wood is an immensely hard task as well as it produces tones of waste in the form of saw dust. But with the advancement in the technology almost all the tasks have been made easier by introduction of specific machines. One such machine is table saw. Table saw is used by cutting the wood and the best part is that it has an attached cabinet that stores the dust in it. There are various types of table saw available in the market. You can get to know about them by visiting the site The site also provides a guide on purchasing the table saw, types of blades, etc. helping you in making your purchase.

  • Portable table saw – These are considered as to be the best if you need to take the saw with you as these are highly portable, in addition, they offer precision in cutting.
  • Contractors table saw – these are large saws that have an extended table, thus they can easily accommodate a large piece of wood.
  • Cabinet table saw – they are considered to be more accurate and powerful. But they are quite heavy and large in size, thus are non- portable.

Blade of the table saw

If you are stepping forward to purchase the table saw, then you must check its blades as they are one of the most important parts of the machine. Although the general size of the commercial saw blade is between 10” to 12” but one can easily get a large blade approximately up to one foot and a small blade around 5”. The teeth of the table saw are approximately 20 to 80 in number. Today, the use of table saw is not restricted to cutting wood only. Thus, today the blades come in a variety of materials like carbon carbide etc.

Know the horse power of the motor

The next thing that you need to take in consideration while purchasing the table saw is the horse power of the motor used in the machine. If your table saw motor is around 1.5 to 2 hp, then the standard household voltage that is 120V circuit will be required.  The motor with capacity of 1.5 to 2 hp is best for cutting the tin material or hardwood which is maximum two inch in thickness. Remember the hardwood thicker than this will need more torque.

There are motors that have a capacity of 3 to 5 hp, but with the increase in the horse power the voltage required for running the motor or the saw also increases. For running the table saw motor which is of 3 to 4 hp you will need 240 volt motor.  These motors can cut more thick hardwood even greater than 3 inches.