September 25, 2017

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5 Fun and Low-cost Ways to Liven-up Your Weekend

The song ?working for the weekend” by loverboy is popular and for good reasons. You should treat your weekend like a mini-vacation, some time off work where you play and unwind. For some people strolling in the park does it for them while for others, the thrill of taking a road trip helps them release the week’s tension. These are some super cool ways to spend your weekend. They are fun, cheap and entertaining, so try them!

  1. Go hiking

Nature has tremendous power to revitalize your body, soul and mind. A nice hike is the perfect way to exercise and enjoy the serenity of life outdoors. If you want it quiet, you can carry your dog along to keep you company. A Brisk walk or biking in the woods with friends can be a fascinating option when you want an energy charged atmosphere.

  1. Read a book

If you love to read, find some good literature and immerse yourself in it. Reading doesn’t just help you escape the stresses and chatter of life, it sharpens your brain, increases your exposure and therefore raises your intelligence. Playing some jazz in the background will help you create a tranquil environment to motivate you as you peruse through the book.

  1. Have fun with your friends

The list of the number of fun things you can do with your friendless is endless. Read on to find some creative things you can do with friends:

  • Brain Teasers – Some people will tell that their weekend was quite sensible after playing games such as Sudoku, Nintendo games and crossword puzzles with their buddies. For these people, having fun means changing their trains of thoughts rather than turning their minds off. The good thing with games is that they can be done anywhere (indoors or outdoors).
  • Try a Road Rally – How about you get your friends and roll out on a mobile scavenger hunt then the one who comes back first with all the things listed wins, the losers can buy beer or dessert whatever price you all agree on.
  • Have a Campfire or a Bonfire in Your Backyard – Turn your background into some fun-zone, grill some food, contribute and buy drinks, play loud music and dance the weekend away with your friends. If you like the sound of this, you’re not alone.
  1. Explore the artist in you

There is an unexplored artist in everyone. But to find that artist, you have to pause from the fast pace of the modern life. Try spending your weekend exploring some hidden talent such as sketching, drawing, painting or crafting. If you have a thing for music, weekend is the time to go train on how to play an instrument. You could even try composing some music.

  1. Go Shopping

99.9% of the time, shopping is one the best stress buster especially for women, works 99.9% of the times. The weekend is the ideal time to spoil yourself and reward yourself for the weeks’ hard work. While cash won’t buy you happiness, it can buy you that pretty ring, or the lovely dress or that bag you have been admiring for months.  You can also buy some surprise gifts for your loved ones. Making others happy makes us happy in the long run.

This list is not exhaustive as there are a number of great ways you can spend your weekend. One important thing to note is that, it helps to plan for your weekends in advance so that you don’t end up overspending.