4 Tips to Help Your Cat and Dog Get Along

People often assume that cats and dogs getting along is impossible. The introverted cat will find the extroverted dog bothersome. However, that assumption is false and does not apply to all of them. If you have both a cat and a dog in your home, try to follow these tips to help them get along:

#1: Train Your Dog

When a cat and a dog get into a fight, it is often the latter’s fault. After all, dogs have poor impulse control by default, so it will be difficult for them not to bother a feline. The key here is “default” which means that you can change their behavior through training.

Start by teaching your dog proper conduct inside the home. Do not allow them to come close together and interact with one another until the dog learns to behave. Even if you have finished training it, keep it on a leash until they get along fine, just to prevent any unnecessary fights.

#2: Cats Require Private Space

A cat may need private space, in which no one can disturb them. Keep your dog out of this area, and your feline will be able to relax comfortably.

You can take advantage of vertical space, such as shelves, cat trees, or on top of a bookcase. Make sure that these high places enable the cat to observe the dog without being jumped on by the latter. Also, you should keep dogs out of the range of litter boxes and cat beds or pads. If you wish to purchase a heated pad for your cat to rest on, visit https://www.petnap.co.uk

#3: Allow Your Dog to Exercise

Although it is ironic, giving your dog free rein can help it improve self-control. After all, dogs often have pent-up energy that is waiting to be released, so it is difficult for them to control themselves without exercise. By letting them walk or run outside, their brains can slow down and control their actions when cats are around.

If cats, just want a place to chill and observe the world, dogs are the opposite. They require heavy stimulation, and if you fail to give them that, they will take it out on the cat. For your dog, you can purchase toys for entertainment.

#4: The First Meeting Should Succeed

Like people, cats and dogs learn a lot from their first impression of an event. Thus, it is best that you help them get along well the first time they see each other. For example, schedule a meal time for both and let them eat together but away from each other. Through associative learning, both of them will realize “Oh, meeting a cat/dog means meal time, so it is good.” or something along those lines. Eventually, by repeated exposure, they will no longer find it surprising to suddenly meet the other, and most likely they will get along at some point.


It takes some effort on your part to enable a cat and dog to get along. Overall, you need to take a look at both of their traits, find a compromise, and enable them to get used to the other without getting into a fight.